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Odoom Academy is singularly committed to being the leading provider of life-long learning services for tomorrow’s leaders, who want to feel empowered, confident, and fulfilled.

We uses real-world competitive dynamics, and place each life-long learner in a context where they step out of their normal day-to-day roles and gain exposure to the big picture. Each life-long learner makes decisions in a risk-free environment.

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We are currently developing strong standards, creating credentials for those standards, and will be communicating their value to colleges, and employers.


At the forefront of our vision, is individual flexibility and creativity – requiring social intelligence, passion, curiosity, optimism, and common sense.

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Raving Fans

Dale Roberts, MBA

Dale Roberts

Corporate Controller
Kofi is an exceptional talent in all things finance and his expertise was quickly evident as I spent time with him. He is very adept at utilizing current technology to make a connection and provide services that are more than worth the time and effort. In addition, Kofi is very clear and concise as well as patient in helping to develop an understanding of the topics presented. I highly recommend Kofi and will definitely utilize his expertise again myself.  
Luan Ximines, MBA

Luan Ximines, MBA

Business Development
I wrote this recommendation to say thank you for the superb work that you performed when you tutored me in some of my MBA courses in my Northeastern University MBA program. You were extremely professional and knowledgeable in the Finance 6200 course, Statistics 6200 course, Operations Management 6206 course, and other courses etc. that I needed your assistance in. I would highly recommend Kofi as a tutor as he is very patient and skilled in taking complex information and explaining it to you in a way that you can truly understand it.
Stephen Eku

Stephen Eku, MBA

President & CEO
Kofi Odoom is diligent about collecting information and insists on developing custom reports and charts to give a very helpful presentation. Most importantly to us, Kofi always indicates the practical applications his work has for our organization and future revenue generation. Kofi should be your next business consultant and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
Brian Preston

Brian Preston, MBA, MS, BIAM

Planks Constant Net Inc.
My experience with Kofi was great. He has the willingness to go the distance, especially when you need a lot of help, as I did. Kofi provides great details and reasons why income statements differ. Again, great tutor! Thanks Kofi.

Tricia Chambers, MBA

Director of Design at Metropolitan Jewish Health System
Kofi has a wealth of experience and industry knowledge, but more impressive is his ability to convey that knowledge in a manner that makes arcane concepts relatable. We covered a lot in each session and the experience was enlightening rather than overwhelming. Kofi is also very pleasant, patient and prepared. Time was used efficiently and flew quickly. Finally, his selection of meeting point was excellent—relaxed, great refreshments and conducive to learning.